Tuesday, December 27, 2005


ME: Anything you want me to type here for Mamas birthday?
Yea, how bout I love you. Say um-happy birthday. Where's the words coming from? Please check the owie mama. It's Christmas time. I love you mama. You are in the world. Know that mama? I love you. One two three for five six seven thirteen nineteen eighteen. I'm gonna be so gentle. My papa didn’t worry, my papa didn’t worry. It’s only the way. It's only the way. Sunny way. It's sunny way. I'm singing...One two three four. You have appointment. Appointment means you tickle nothing. You have a beautiful mind, you have a beautiful mind, you have a beautiful mind, loopa dumpa hoompa doompa. Is this a fun day I'm doing? I like your legs and your arms. Loop shrimp. You are cute. Me my mo mind. You are cute. Watch a movie. I can't see mama. Watch a movie. You are cute. I love you with shrimp in our bodies.


Blogger calamity for jane said...

Woke up and my first thought was that it was Becca's birthday. Such a sweet message from Adeline. I've felt her near this month. This was the first Christmas in likely TEN years I didn't find myself depressed. The snow looks so much fun and your sweet Adeline is precious. Happier new year! Love You, Tracy

3:16 PM  
Anonymous kdub said...

you are so loved. adeline is amazing. i'm glad i was able to hug you, and play with you both a lot today. peace. oxoxoxo katie

2:00 PM  
Blogger Kathy Brown said...

Hey Patrick! Adeline is a poet. Thanks for sharing that. Lance and I had a very nice Christmas in Marin County with my family.
Happy New Year to you Adeline! Love Kathy

11:36 PM  
Blogger Kathy Brown said...

Oops I meant to write Happy New Year to you AND Adeline! :)

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My original message from the 27th was returned so i'll try again. Thank you for posting Becca's pictures and Adelines words - I love you all and am so happy you are near - better year to come - all my love to you both - Granma Peggy

10:15 AM  
Anonymous lydiaemily said...

I check this blog every few days or so, maybe once a week.
It is beautiful.
I knew Becca in New York and I am so happy to come here and see her again.
Thank you for it, lydiaemily

7:07 PM  
Blogger kdub said...

happy birthday to you paddy b!!! love from oregon.xoxoxoxoxyoursister

7:26 PM  

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