Monday, December 10, 2007

From my sister Annie

Hi brother. I came across something yesterday that made me think of you. A journal entry from October 1st 2005:

I had a dream about Becca last night. We were hanging out, like now...after she had died...walking, almost like through pictures of the past, talking and reminiscing. I told her all about what we did when we all got we all hung out, went to Disneyland...and she thought it was so great and I remember being so happy with her next to me and that we hugged - I remember her arms being soft and her voice being happy. And I feel like in some way that it was real. I don't know, but sometimes I feel closer to her now than I ever have, which sounds weird, but I don't know, I do. And Pat, before I left L.A., hugged me and told me that when I was having a hard time to talk to her...that she's still around and that she loves to help people...and I have, talked to her I think, in my own way. I hope she knows I love her and that she goes on in a lot of ways through everyone that she touched. All the crappy stuff from before has just melted away, which makes me feel so certain that she's in a good place.

love you brother, and can't wait to see you....

Thanks Annie......I love you