Thursday, November 03, 2005

*Email from Tracy Keatinge...Becca's dear friend and hair person

Me: Thought of you today while looking at photos of Becca's extensions that you did. I love you. . . Please feel worthy of posting comments, or sending me stories to post. Becca was very fond of you and I would love for you to be a part of the blog....

She is the truest friend I've ever had. Your wedding ranks up there with the sacredness of giving birth to my babies. Very, very precious times. Okay, I will....please give my love to Beth and Katie. I remember when I yanked Katie aside to be my hair model for my test. Then I met Beth. They told me about Becca. She was the "cool sister" who lived in New York. An actress and I was so intimidated with the anticipation of meeting her. Beth was already my self proclaimed other mom and I'd have traded both my sisters to be a Howard-Klain sister! When we were introduced she looked straight at me with her deep, kind eyes and I felt she knew me already and that it was all good. I shared my soul with her each time she ever let me do her hair. I am a stronger woman because of all those hours of highlights! There's your story for now. Thank you. You are loved. I've missed you so, so much.

The beautiful Howard-Klain girls.


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